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Editorial Policy

Our editorial policy serves as best practices we follow to produce and deliver accurate and reliable content, as well as to maintain the trust of our readers and our mission as a media platform. We are committed to the highest levels of editorial integrity and do not compromise on our values and general media ethics. We understand that these guidelines are not the last word, but we consider their violation a serious issue, and will take disciplinary action against those who break the codes of our conduct. These guidelines apply to content produced and published on all our platforms.

Articles, videos, and infographics

  • All our articles are written by our staff writers and our network of freelance contributors. We do accept submissions, but only if they are 100% original and have never been previously published.
  • Once an article is submitted, it undergoes a thorough editing process, where facts are verified as much as possible to provide the reader with accurate, up-to-date information.
  • Every article carries a byline; we avoid pseudonyms unless the article is humour or satire.
  • We take a neutral, unbiased stance in all articles and videos we produce. However, as a responsible media organisation we stand against hate, racism, sexism, misogyny, and bigotry, and will declare our opposition to these in cases that are related to them.
  • We are always transparent about our sources, be it an individual, organisation or the government. We only refuse to name a source, or give a source a different name if their safety is already threatened and disclosure would further expose them.
  • Any information that has been derived from existing material, either print or online, is attributed to their original source, through the citing of the author and publication, or hyperlinking to reliable websites.
  • We neither publish nor rewrite press releases. However, we treat press releases on a case-by-case basis, and, if we deem it interesting for our editorial content, may independently reach out to the individual or organisation to write our own article.
  • Roar Media owns the copyrights to all articles, videos, and infographics published on our platform. Any content that is not our own is attributed to their rightful owners.

Photographs and illustrations

  • Roar Media owns all photograph and illustrations produced for us by our staff and freelancers. Any form of republication, reproduction, or reuse of this material without due credit will be considered an infringement of copyright.
  • We do not publish any photographs that have been edited or manipulated to represent our content, or to further justify an idea, opinion or argument in our articles.
  • All illustrations that have been produced for our content have been approved by our Editorial team prior to publishing.
  • Any photographs or illustrations that have been derived from external sources are given due attribution at all times.


  • Roar Media owns the copyrights to all cartoons that are illustrated for us by our staff and freelancers. Any republication, reproduction, or reuse of this material without due credit will be considered an infringement of copyright.
  • We only publish cartoons that are 100% original and have never been previously published.
  • Our cartoons are meant to be lighthearted and, oftentimes, humorous, and therefore should be treated as such. However, we take measures to ensure that our cartoons are not offensive or hurtful to any individual, group, or organisation. We also refrain from publishing cartoons that are obscene or vulgar.

Please note that these guidelines are subject to changes and updates from time to time, and in the event they do change, will be applicable to all existing and new content. As a responsible media platform, we remain open to constructive criticism and suggestions. If you feel we have not adhered to our editorial policy or the general codes of media ethics and conduct, do not hesitate to get in touch with us via email at [email protected]

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously and encourage you to review our privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Advertising Policy

Our advertising policy governs our relationship with our advertising partners, and the relationship between our editorial and advertorial content. We believe in being transparent at all times to maintain the trust of our readers, as well as our own editorial integrity. Although we treat our advertising partnerships on a case-by-case basis, the following guidelines have been established to clearly distinguish between our editorial and advertorial content, as well as where we stand as a responsible media platform. However, please note that these guidelines are subject to updates from time to time, and in the event they do change, they will be applicable to both existing and new advertorial content.


  • Roar Media will not compromise its editorial integrity and policy for any advertising partnership.
  • Roar Media will not publish any advertisements that are false or which do not comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines.

Roar Media is open to advertisers and advertisements of any category, but will not accept content that

  • Is offensive, profane, or vulgar
  • Is inflammatory
  • Promotes racism, sexism, hate, violence, and bigotry against any individual, group, or organisation
  • Promotes alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and other illegal substances
  • Represents a personal attack against any individual, organisation, or country
  • Will harm the editorial integrity and character of the Roar Media mission and brand.

Please note that Roar Media may remove any advertorial content that does not comply with these standards even if they have been accepted and displayed for a certain period of time.

Sponsored and Branded Content

  • Roar Media maintains the same standards for Sponsored and Branded Content as it does for Advertisements (see above).
  • All Sponsored and Branded content will be clearly tagged with a disclaimer, either as ‘Sponsored’ or ‘Brought to you by’, along with the advertiser’s name and logo
  • All sponsored and branded content that is shared on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) will carry a disclaimer, either as ‘Sponsored’ or ‘Brought to you by’, in their captions
  • All Sponsored Content is created or commissioned by the advertisers in collaboration with the Roar Media Marketing team, and reviewed by the Roar Media Editorial team
  • Once Sponsored or Branded Content is published, only Roar Media will have a role in moderating comments, both on the Roar websites and social media channels. Comments will only be moderated if the Roar Media Social Media team deem them to be spam, hate speech, or obscene.
  • Once Sponsored or Branded Content is published, the advertiser will be responsible for responding to any queries by readers in the comments sections of the Roar Media websites and social media channels, using the name of their own organisation or company name.

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